06.03.2011 – Lost Day

Completely and utterly and thrice lost. So annoyed. As per the statement re being creative every day and that the only excuse is illness, unfortunately I had to use that excuse – and it’s all the DIY’s fault! As I explained in Saturday’s post, I did too much ceiling & wall painting and my stupid neck caused a stupid migraine and I was stupidly sick all day. And mega stupidly and upsettingly and annoyingly (how many more adjectives can I squeeze in here, you reckon?) that meant not only a Lost Day for creativity and DIY, but worst of all I couldn’t go to the Modern Mixers’ 1950s High School Hop. GNAH!

But enough of the whingeing, a Lost Day is a Lost Day, never cry over spilled milk, and it teaches me some valuables lessons, such as: don’t overdo it and pace yourself. Not something that comes naturally to me…

There’s always another day, though, as dum spiro, spero and all that jazz. here is the costume of a headmistress that I would have worn, had I be able to go. Complete with academic gown (not in the pic).

I particularly like the bamboo cane *fnar fnar* and was looking forward to swishing it. Isn’t the eBayed bag super cute? I am also rather fond of the window glass half-specs.

P.S. ich war den ganzen Sonntag krank, mir war nur schlecht von migraeneartige Kopfschmerzen von meinem bloeden Nacken. Ich weiss woher das kam, ich hatte zuviel am Samstag gepinselt (siehe post). Also nix mit so schnell wie moeglich fertig werden, ich muss es langsam angehen lassen, und nur ein bisschen Wand oder ein bisschen Decke streichen. So einen verlorenen Tag will ich nicht noch mal erleben, und ich konnte auch nicht zu meinem Teetanz. Das ist das Kostuem das ich getragen haette. 😦


One thought on “06.03.2011 – Lost Day

  1. So sorry you couldn’t go NicK 😦 Hope you feel better soon and I agree it is all about pacing.

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