07.03.2011 – colour, colour, colour

I’m taking it slowly now, but that doesn’t mean I am not sticking to my daily creative pursuits. Instead of painting the coving a third time (neck and shoulders still far too fragile/sore) I finished the sprucing up of the conservatory decoration and plants.

The lovely metal buckets in the photo below were super cheap citronella candles I got from Matalan last summer, and which I used to illuminate the garden during my annual themed summer party (last year was Midsummer Nights Dream and this year will be Arabian Nights) and which I then used as plant pots when they were empty and I’d scrubbed them. Alas, they did rust quickly, no surprise because they were cheap and the enamel flimsy. So I primed them with anti rust paint and to make sure they wouldn’t leak I smeared a thick layer of silicone into the bottom. That’s an old bit of silicone I still had and which wasn’t usable for proper DIY work any longer, it had become too dry for that. I also primed some pots and a saucer I had flying around and which looked  crappy by now. All of that was obviously done a few days ago.

So then I had to get rid of the ferns in my conservatory, because after the winter they were beyond saving. Perhaps they might make it in the garden, here’s hoping. Instead I am now going for succulents, which will be far more forgiving when I forget to water them, and will also thrive better in a conservatory that can get very warm. Cheap plants from Homebase and IKEA, lots of lovely colourful buckets and painted pots (the red bucket on the right is my favourite, it was part of my Victorian seaside costume) and voila! A lovely, colourful collection on the windowsill. (ignore the dust, no point cleaning before the living room is finished) By the way, the cute enamelled watering can is from Aldi, I got it last year. Ah, yes, the set of three coloured pots with the blue tray is from Aldi as well, also last year. The wee spotted enamelled buckets are from – lo and behold – a cake decorating shop in Edinburgh,

I also re-arranged and newly arranged the colourful fake flowers at the back. The lovely thing with all the colours in my conservatory is that no matter how grey and dark the weather (this is Scotland, after all) the “sun” always “shines” for me. 🙂 All the fake flowers are from IKEA, except for the gorgeous stems of sunflowers, I bought them years ago in Canterbury, back when I lived in Kent. The pink vase was once gold and a bargain from BHS, because it had a wee fault. I painted it to match other items and the living room table lamps. The two glass vases are actually bottles of something I once got given years ago, can’t even remeber where and when.

P.S. Die Farne sind alle mehr oder weniger kaputt nach dem Winter. Ich hab sie  mal nach draussen getan, vielleicht ueberleben sie dort. Farne will ich nicht mehr, machen zu viel Dreck und sehen schnell fies aus. Also habe ich mal wieder nix ausgegeben und alte Toepfe und Untersetzer bemalt  (und teilweise entrostet und mit altem Silikon dicht gemacht). Dann ein paar billige Kakteen Arten ohne Stacheln, die besser ueberleben muessten, und voila!


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