08.03.2011 – sewing room sewing

Not in the sewing room, but for the sewing room. ūüôā

I remembered that I had a tapestry in the loft, which I got off eBay years ago, and which hung in one of my homes in Kent (the last one). I never particularly liked it, because the faces of the people look like cartoon characters. The other ones that I have up in the sewing room are much nicer, especially the big one I made myself, but it’s lined with blue velvet and thus perfect for protecting the soft wood of the sewing table AKA former Leksvik bookshelf. It almost fitted, so all I had to do was take off the horrid fringe on the bottom, put a gold bias tape on, and shorten it at the top.¬†Some hand-sewing in the conservatory in front of Poirot¬†and Voila!

Not a penny once again. I love upcycling.

P.S. Mal wieder ganz umsonst: Fransen abgemacht, gold unten drangenaeht, oben gekuerzt, und die tapestry, die in Harrietsham im Wohnzimmer hing, ist eine Schutzmatte fuers weiche Holz, wenn die Naehmaschine draufsteht.


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