10.03.2011 – Smörebröd Smörebröd Römpömpömpöm!

Bonus points for everyone who knows where the subject line is from. 🙂

Back to IKEA, because I wanted to pick up the Vika Amon corner desk top that I planned to use for hacking my new desk for which I’ve got the plans and everything, but guess what I didn’t plan? The flatpack does not fit into my car! The desk is too wide. *sobs* I have to find another solution somehow.

Of course, this means that I finally broke down after months of lusting after the perfect chairs for my dining table. I kept telling myself I should go for something cheaper, but you know what it’s like when one has found the perfect item, aye? You just can’t find anything else that’s acceptable. So, at last, I crumbled under the disappointment of the non-fitting desk top and purchased the four Tobias acrylic and chrome chair. I love them, they are so comfortable and will look gorgeous.

I have little hearts in my starry eyes when I look at them. 😉

Laura, I also have your Helmer desk drawers at home, and Monika, I’ll bring your Kassett boxes.

Shockingly, I didn’t have any meatballs, hehe.



3 thoughts on “10.03.2011 – Smörebröd Smörebröd Römpömpömpöm!

  1. Love the title!!! That’s hilarious 😀 Something to do with The Muppet Show? (Thank you, Google.)

    Thank you for getting the Helmer, now I need to tidy my desk so I can make space next to it without causing an mini avalanche.

    I knew you’d get the Tobias chairs in the end – and sometimes it’s better to buy the thing you really like and spend more than you intend, than to compromise but still be lusting after the thing you really wanted. Sorry that was really garbled as I have’t had any coffee yet this morning…

  2. I know exactly what you mean re getting the thing you really want. When I realised there were only 6 chairs left of the transparent ones I wanted, and none of the smokey ones, and knowing IKEA’s propensity for suddenly getting rid of things, and then the disappointment regarding the desk top, the decision was made for me. I tried to go for the 10 quid ones that were on offer, but it just wouldn’t have been the same. I knew that I’d always be unhappy with anything that wasn’t these ones.

    And Google is right, this is what in the German Muppets version the Swedish chef is singing.

  3. Thanks NicK. THe boxes and the magazine files have now been assembled and my photo mags put in there. I am not going to send you the photo cos you would see the mess in the rest of my room. Can’t wait when I get the bookshelf.

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