11.03.2011 – construction and destruction


Say hello to Ludvig. IKEA had this computer externals wall cabinet on offer for a mere 10 quid, so I grabbed it on Thursday, because I’m sure I can incorporate it into my desk design. I would have never bought it for the original £35, though, I think that’s a ridiculously high price for what it is. It’s fairly big and fairly heavy, but putting it together was the usual doddle with my electric screwdriver (without it I doubt I would have managed. Wrist has flared up and even without that it was rather hefty work).


With the electric screwdriver (wish it was a Sonic one!) set onto reverse, I got to dismantling the old desk drawer that was part of the IKEA corner desk that had been painted black and bought for my last home, and then paint-stripped and woody varnished for this one. It’s time to retire, for it looks knackered, and I’m certainly not going to do anything else to it.

However, neither am I going to throw or give it away, because one never knows what I might want to make out of it one day. I have upcycled so many things, any usable furniture gets taken apart and kept in the loft. Who knows what this one might turn out to become one day.

Buh-bye ugly desk part 1!


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