12.03.2011 – dining in “style”

Ohhh yes, in “style” with big fat quotation marks. 🙂 Had my birthday dinner yesterday (a little early, but nevermind) with fantastic fondue and lovely friends. Of course, the living room is still in the midst of major DIY, so how to turn it into a cosy dining area? No problem, just throw fancy fabrics over everything, and light lots of candles so the patchy walls and ceiling look less, well, patchy. Teehee. If that isn’t creative, then I don’t know what is.

Here’s a pic of the aftermath, because of course I forgot to take a pic of everything nicely set up before we tucked in. A fabulous pic of me blowing out the birthday candles on the cake was taken, though.

And now meet one of my beautiful 4 new luvverlies: Tobias, the acrylic and chrome dining chairs from IKEA. I have it now attested that they are very comfy to sit in for a long time. My mum finds the chairs terribly ugly, but alas, I LOVE them. We don’t tend to have the same taste, you know … 😉


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