16.03.2011 – kiddie costumes

Once again I am playing catch-up with posts, but while I pledged I’d do something creative every day of the year, I didn’t pledge I’d post on that very day. 😉 Everyone needs a “get me out of jail” card, aye?

The Big A caught me again after the long hours of train travel, meeting, etc and unfortunately it was that awful migraine like headache thing from the neck/shoulders. Bleurgh, I hate it, because it’s a devil and deep blue sea situation: if I try to tackle it with painkillers I am barely functional thanks to being so tired from the codeine and other goodies. If I don’t try to tackle it ye olde brain doesn’t want to function. *stabbity stab stab stab*

Right, enough of the complaints yet again, but it’s a good  way of offloading the AARRGGHH moments. 🙂

My luvverly nephews want bat costumes and what am I but an obedient aunt who jumps at the chance to get creative for da boyz? They are 4 and a quarter now and simply gorgeous, and no, I am not biased (ahem!). They are also getting pirate costumes, as I mentioned before, but bats seem to be on the top of the list and with all the DIY still going on are certainly the easiest ones to complete first.

I searched the net for images of bat costumes and there are loads, which gave me some great ideas. Simple black trousers, black shoes, black long-sleeves t-shirt, and a hood or hat with bat ears on, plus wings sewn to the sleeves of the t-shirt, and a furry chest (need to find washable fur). Here’s a collection of inspirational images.


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