18.03.2011 – all bats are off

Do I get a prize for the worst pun? 😀

Thanks to a couple of my colleagues who have kids, I found very cheap black bits of kiddie clothing in the big supermarkets, which will become the bat costumes. Two long sleeves shirts, 4 pairs of trousers (they were so cheap, I got different sizes to accommodate growth and the fact the boys, albeit twins, are very different in size and personality. I also got cheap plimsolls. I am all set now for the wings and the furry bits. Not sure what to do about the bat-eared hood/cap yet.

Of course, Mr F had to lie down on the clothes and have a grand old snooze all night, but not without going mad over the rubbery smell of the plimsolls beforehand. Weirdo!


2 thoughts on “18.03.2011 – all bats are off

  1. Not sure what to do about the bat-eared hood/cap yet.
    Would starting with a black balaclava be an idea? Preferably fabric and not knit.

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