19.03.2011 – hair, bats and inspiration

First of, Saturday was finally hair cut day after 4 months of letting it grow. Sadly it’s still too short to look like even a short bob yet, but it’s getting there. It didn’t help that it was about an inch at its longest before I decided I wanted a Louise Brooks 1920s bob.

I was lucky in town and found a couple of black woolly hats which were even on a special offer, so the bat costume basics are a-go-go. Hoorah!

Now to the inspiration. I was rather surprised to find that Tesco direct has some surprisingly funky home furnishing items. I am usually someone who avoids Tesco, because I despise the giant’s attempt at taking over the world (and largely succeeding in the UK) but I intended to lounge on the sofa with a cuppa in the afternoon and thus picked up the Tesco Home catalogue. Well, I never. While the swift sofa-cuppa-reading plan was scuppered, because Mr F decided to be a shnuggly purry cat and let me use him as a pillow, which meant I fell asleep, I still managed to scour the catalogue, then went online to look for piccies to create an inspiration board for my esteemed blog readers. Enjoy!


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