21.03.2011 – Virtual and Virtuous

Okay, I admit it, I came up with the subject line because I liked the sound of it. A little aborted stave rhyme is never a bad thing, so sue me.

Spent half of the day continuing work on the study site, then meant to paint the ceiling, because I had to take a day off for said study site, but alas, the sun was shining so nicely, the conservatory was so cosy, the cat was so purry … you guessed it, it ended in an afternoon snooze instead.

Nevertheless, since preparation is all part of creative endeavours, I count the hour shifting stuff up and down the loft and shifting in the loft as a creative pursuit. Oh, yes, I also washed all the IKEA fabric that’s out of print and which I got off eBay, to make a sofa cover. That was two laundry loads. Don’t forget the time pottering about in the slowly spring-awakening garden. Thus, have a photo of the Hardiest Pansy in the Western Hemisphere. It is blooming!

P.S. Meine hartgesottenen Stiefmuetterchen, die uerberlebt haben. Sie tun ihr Bestes.


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