23.03.2011 – paint whinge and floor tiles

Harrumph! That’s me grumping at my ceiling, coving and walls. Especially the first two. I did another coat on the coving, which is the fourth coat now, and it is still horribly patchy and the yellow underneath is still visible in places. I’ve had it! So, anyway, I have a recommendation for you: if you ever decide to paint anything in your home a very rich, very vibrant, very highly pigmented yellow, do not expect to be able to turn it back to white. GRRR!

So I went and changed the second bucket of Dulux matt white with the Dulux one coat matt white, which is even more expensive. Let’s see if this one does the trick. This is honestly starting to get on my bits, because I want to do the fun stuff.

Och well, can’t be helped, choppety-chop.

My floor tiles were ready for pick-up, though, which cheered me up. While they are “value”, the reviews by consumers were very good, so let’s hope for the best.

You can see the toe of my raspberry shoes in the pic. 🙂


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