26.03.2011 – just a bit of sewing

Indeed, just a little bit, but better a little bit than nothing, aye? I got a pair of white linen trousers last week, washed them to get the shrinkage in, and then lengthened them, because my legs are usually too long (hoorah!) for most trousers, unless they are Long Tall Sally.

Unfortunately, the neck raised its ugly Big A again after the journey to Dundee yesterday, so I did a rather convincing Zombie impression all day (without the bloodied brain-eating bit) and spent Saturday sleeping and pottering about a bit.

(edit: no one told me I’d put an apostrophe into “its”? No one put me out of my misery? *hyperventilates*! It’s fixed now. *and breathe*)

Oh, hang on, I did something else that’s creative, and that’s planting a few heather plants, and since I am making the rules around here, garden is creative! 🙂 The cables in the pic are from my garden illumination, that’s another bit I extended and installed today.

P.S. Schaut mal, Aldi hatte kleine Heidepflaenzchen. Hoffentlich ueberleben die.


One thought on “26.03.2011 – just a bit of sewing

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