27.03.2011 – well, what *didn’t* I do!

You have to say that with the tone, voice, and expression of Lord Flashheart from Blackadder, then do the hip thrust and the Woof! 😀

So, without further ado a creative list of creative do-dids-dones:

  • pre-washed all kiddie bat costume bits (doesn’t sound very creative, but remember? Preparation is everything)
  • updated my author website, which was long overdue (very time consuming)
  • tended to and updated author tools such as blog, twitter, tumblr, formspring
  • created a learning unit on the VLE for the course I am teaching online (no, I don’t do 9-5 working hours, that’s so pedestrian 😉 )
  • fiddled about in the garden (yep, “fiddle” is a technical term for creative people)
  • altered a pair of trousers
  • and then I can’t remember… lots more I think, but Sunday is so long ago now!

Most importantly I painted the ceiling ans walls once more, and this time with the more expensive Dulux one coat and hoorah! At last it worked.

It wasn’t finished, though, so for now have some pics of a lovely sunny day in early spring with a happy cat.

The wee bag you see in the foreground is my clothes peg bag, which I made so it matched a decorative polka dotted tea towel I received as a gift. That was also the reason for purchasing matching  oven gloves. Ooops.

Sunshine! Give me sunshine! Mr F is relaxing mode. Not that he’s ever in any other mode.


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