29.03.2011 – WHITE!

White white white and WHITE again. Did I mention white? Yep, indeed: white!

At last. After weeks and weeks I am finally done. The living room is bright white, the perfect base for what is to come, which is very definitely not white, for I refuse to live in white rooms. The ceiling is a beautiful smooth white slightly shimmery (thanks to the special last coat of the Dulux Light & Space emulsion in Absolute White) plane of utterly smooth gorgeousness (did I mention SMOOTH?) without the slightest hint of artex atrocity remaining. I can’t stop gazing at my smooth ceiling. It was a large amount of work after it had been plastered professionally – never would I have thought that getting my ceiling white would be such hard labour – but it was all worth it in the end.

One tip for everyone, including myself: if you want to paint a ceiling, or paint over a very strong colour on the walls, don’t bother with normal emulsion. Always go for the one-coat thick and gloopy one. That did the trick for me at last.


I am so happy! 😀


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