02.04.2011 – going batty part 2

Here we go, the progress on the bat costumes so far. First the hat again. Can you see where I’d chopped a bit off and then re-sewn?

Then it was time to have a go at the ears of the bats. Having had a look at bat pics, I noted the ears are fairly big, so less pointy and more biggie they are going to be. Pattern first, quickly drawn.

The materials I’m using are the insulation lining from the hats, that I’d taken out earlier, some stiff interlining and some soft leather I found amongst my stash.

And here are the ears all cut out and ready for the next stage of sewing.

Now for the costume top, because the wings, too, are taking shape. Here they are, the first outer layer and the Primark acrylic blanket inner lining are cut out.

Sewn together, and ready for the next step of attaching the second outer layer.

second outer layer is attached with pins and ready for sewing.

And to finish part 2, here they are sewn together and getting turned out and ironed, before I’m going to mark the bone channels.



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