03.04.2011 – going batty part 3

I meant to do the wallpapering of my living room today/this weekend, but you know, finishing the bat costumes for my lovely nephews to take them with me next week is a heckofalot more important. 🙂 The wallpaper can wait. So, and now onto the next steps that have been done. First of, the bat hat and the ears. I admit it, I always go a step too far and do a bit too much. I am sure I could have used the machine for the ears, but hand-stitching them together was so much more satisfying, aye? My nephews are worth it. So there.

And after hand-stitching the ears onto the modified hats, plus a wee row of stitches in the middle of the ears to help them stay up, we are done with the bat-hats. Voilà! Two wee bat-hats for bat-heads.

And now onto the bat-top and the wings. You can see on the top the hats before they were finished, with the leather ears pinned on. The white bit is the pattern I made for the grey fur bellies, and the wings have been tacked as to mark the boning channels.


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