03.04.2011 – going batty part 4

The boning has been cut and put into the wings, and the wings have been sewn up. Next is the neatening up of the wing hems with bias tape and then fixing them to the sweatshirts. You can see the cut-out belly fur on the first pic.

and now for a wee break with pasta with mushroom and garlic mixed through, and fresh chives from my garden. 🙂


2 thoughts on “03.04.2011 – going batty part 4

  1. Do you sell these? My son wants to be a bat but I’m definitely not crafty or good with a sewing machine.. thanks!

    • Sorry, I don’t make anything to sell, but perhaps you could just use felt or another non-fray fabric and cut the wings out of that? Then glue them onto a sweatshirt?

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