04.04.2011 – the kiddie bat costume is done!

*yawn* Yup, and so am I. Done it, that is. But most importantly, the costumes are done!

Yesterday I managed to sew on the furry tummies to the sweatshirts, and I also made wee fur pelts for the shoes. The fur has been washed, as I explained earlier, and it does look like the typical soft-toy-washed-in-washing-machine fur pelt, but I am sure they’ll be washed many more times.

As you can see, even though the boys are twins (non-identical) their shoe sizes are very different. 🙂

here’s a close-up of the wings after I put the satin bias binding on. hand-stitched and everything, but I think it makes sense. This way the wings are their own separate unit and can be taken off the sweatshirts when they become too small and can be put onto something else.

So, tonight I sewed the wings onto the sweatshirts, and here they are, two kiddie bat costumes. I can’t wait to see the boys try them on tomorrow. But for now this auntie here is awfully tired and shall go to bed. *yawn*


One thought on “04.04.2011 – the kiddie bat costume is done!

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