05.04.2011 – bats and boys

After a lot of train travel (don’t you just love it when your train gets cancelled and you have to wait for 2 hours for the next one? GRRR!) I arrived “doon Sooth” in Liverpool. Now what was creative about that day? Let me just ask you instead, what is possibly NOT creative about being the aunt to very lively and wonderful 4 year old twin nephews?

Exactly. 🙂


and now with gratuitous Opa in the background, both of them together. They refused to try on the costumes, because they “didn’t know them yet” (4 year olds’ logic) but they were happy to have photos taken by auntie while holding up the tops and they promised when they “know” the costumes, they’ll let mum take photos so she can send them to auntie. Looking forward to it. Oh, and the next costume they want? Knights in Shining Armour. Your wishes are my command, lads …


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