08.04.2011 – a stitch in time AKA Recession Chic

Sewing needleLike many people I enjoy lovely things. I do, however, have a fairly hefty mortgage for a single person – which is so not my fault – and I also firmly believe in A) do NOT use credit and b) DO save every month. I do sound very boringly middle-aged, aye? 😉

Anyway, being a lucky sod who has the skills and the creativity to sew and alter and adapt, I get clothes that are not expensive (long live the sales!) and alter/change them to my tastes and body. So I did the trouser-lengthening again (the same I did for the white linen trousers) on black linen trousers (same make and size); unpicked the seams on Palazzo trousers that I want to make a tad more loose; made the neckline of a cute red A-line dress smaller (A-line, because I deliberately bought it two sizes bigger so instead of being a bum-tight tunic it’s an A-line short dress); unpicked the seams of a grey satin top that I’ll alter shape-wise (can’t moan for a couple of quid!) and stitched quilt-seams into a black bra that is ever so comfy and shapely but had a few fabric problems.

Go me!


One thought on “08.04.2011 – a stitch in time AKA Recession Chic

  1. YEAH! You GO NicK!

    I have caught up on all your creative endeavors finally. I like your new chairs, even if your Mom doesn’t. 😉 The Bat costumes were fantabulous. I hope the twins get to “know” them soon so we can see pic’s of them wearing them. Hooray for outlining the next HMM story. Can’t wait to hear more. I am very intrigued with the online learning stuff. That is amazingly creative, as is everything featured, even the naps with Mr. F. I can see the Bob coming along in your BD cake blowing out pic. Can’t wait for the picture of you with your hair the way you envision it. Love the blue in the amazingly hardy pansies. Sorry to read about the trials with the painting but am so happy that you finally found a solution to the problem with the thick one coat paint. I need to paint the walls here and will use the knowledge, so your trials are not in vain. Thank-you.

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