10.04.2011 – wallpaper highs and lows

Highs: it looks friggin’ fantastic! My living room walls sears your eyeballs out and etch acid across your retina. Well, something like that, anyway. I do like it lots, even though I’m not quite finished yet.

Lows: every blimmin’ thing else. A tale of woe has been and continues to be my first wallpapering, a tale of woe, I tell you.

Firstly, I read lots of tips on how to wallpaper. Asked my dad the DIY Meister, and he also sent me some good explanations. I saw pics, I watched videos, I read lots. Unfortunately, as everyone knows, theory =/= practice. However, being fearless in the face of doing new things, I set to work. Firstly finding a straight line via the method above. I started at the door and not the side of the patio doors one should usually wallpaper away from the light) because the other side has the radiator and I wanted to start easier.

Woe 1: I took off the cover of the light switch beside the door, because it said everywhere that one should do that. Had flicked off the circuits, so all was well, but then I discovered I had to take the bits where the cables go in off the plate as well and CRUMBLE the light switch fell apart and can’t be put together again. Result: the ceiling light in the living room went off and is still off 3 days later. Bought a new light switch, but I have to learn first how to wire it.

Woe 2: I then thought fine, even with the circuit for the sockets off I can still use the kitchen sockets, and so I carefully lifted the floor lamp in the conservatory and … it snapped in half! Excuse me? A metal floor lamp that I carefully lifted by the lower part snaps in half? It cannot be repaired, because the two parts of the metal pole are held together by a plastic inset and that snapped. It’s the IKEA Jokel lamp and I bought it about 3 years ago. I phoned IKEA, just to check with them if they think it’s acceptable that a metal lamp just breaks and becomes unusable, but the answer was just that the guarantee is only one year and so I was simply unlucky. To be honest, I am really not happy with that and I don’t think this is good customer service at all. 3 years is ridiculously short, and just picking it up and it snaps? And the standard reply is “oh well, sorry, nothing I can go, because the warranty is a year”. Pah. That’s bad, IKEA, really bad service and poor item quality.

Anyway, I then proceeded to wallpaper, you can see the progress below.

I can say with a lot of conviction that I really, really DO NOT LIKE wallpapering. At all, whatsoever, not the tiniest bit. Bleh. I’ll never do it again if I can possibly help it.

Woe 3: three days later, after the wallpaper finally dried, gaps appeared which had not been there before and now I have white thin lines running down the pattern. GNAH! Let’s just not mention wallpapering again, okay? I love the effect it has in the room, but I shall next pay someone else to do it, or go back to painting only.


6 thoughts on “10.04.2011 – wallpaper highs and lows

  1. I am sorry it didn’t work out exactly as planned NicK BUT it looks frigging fantastic from the pictures. I ❤ it 😉

    • Thank you, Pam. 🙂 I do like the effect very much, but get really cross when I come too close and see all the imperfections.

      • I can’t wait to see it all finished with the furniture and shelves in place NicK. And I can’t wait to show the pictures to Mom. She was very taken with the wallpaper when I showed it to her.

  2. It looks absolutely stunning! And I can’t see any gaps at all because my eyes are trying to adjust to the crazy pattern :-p

    • Hehehehe, that was the idea 😉 most of the furniture will be white, then there’s the red glossy stuff I already had, the transparent acrylic and chrome chairs, a new chrome floor lamp I ordered, and the red floating shelves. It will be fan-fabba-tastic. (and TOTALLY different to what it looked before. Not a hint of olde worldy

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