17.04.2011 – green green green are all my …

… not quite all my walls, but two of them. Sunday was an amazingly sunny day, warm and gorgeous, so instead of throwing myself straight onto painting the walls, I did garden work instead, to spruce it all up for its summer decoration. Mr F enjoyed the glorious weather as well, and of course the strip of long grass I always let grow for him at the back.

I mowed the lawn, dug out dead shrubs, replaced a dead one with a plant pot where the bottom had broken off over the winter, planted new shrubs, planted a clematis to grow up another dead shrub that I pruned, watered and fertilised the plants, dug in pots to stop them from falling over, added soil to pots, scrubbed the bird feeders, organised the garden shed which sorely needed organising and clearing out, and most importantly: put up the summer decoration (mirrors). Thus the first green was the outside green.



Ahhh but those were not all of my creative endeavours (yes, gardening my-style is creative, I tell thee) I was so energised by all the sun and the green, that I threw myself into painting the first coat of the lime zest. I am happy to tell you that I absolutely LOVE the colour. Love love love it. The second coat has to wait till Friday, when we have a bank holiday, and I can paint in proper daylight.


P.S. Viel Gaertnern am Sonntag, und das Huettchen ist wieder schoen aufegraeumt. dann noch die erste Schicht Farbe drauf, aber da war es schon dunkel und die zweite will ich im Tageslicht drautun, also am Karfreitag. Ich finde das Gruen wunderschoen! So froehlich und frisch, macht direkt gute Laune, auch wenn es eher grau ist und nicht sonnig.


3 thoughts on “17.04.2011 – green green green are all my …

  1. Teehee, well, I have teh choice between the LIME in the mornings (so bright, it needs capitals) or the completely crazy retro pattern. if one wants to snooze one has to go into my dark red Arabian Nights bedroom with the silks and jewels. 😉

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