19.04.2011 – sanding, tiles, and ideas galore

I decided to check the price of sanders, because while I have a belt sander (another leftover powertool from the ex-husband or The Git as is the more polite version than my real name for him. The less polite one, the one that’s the main one I have for that person, starts with B and ends with d 😉 ) belt sanders aren’t very good for giving architraves, doors and skirting boards a wee sanding before priming/painting them. They too easily go too deep. I was positively surprised to see that small mouse sanders aren’t expensive and Argos even had one on offer. Off I went to reserve it online and to pick it up in the evening. Thankfully they are open till 8 PM. I also picked up a bag of 4 cushion pads, because the ones in my conservatory have become terribly flat and lumpy. I can’t complain, though, they’d been super cheap to start with.

So now I have fluffy comfy cushions again and a lovely wee Black & Decker sander, to help me with one of the DIY tasks I dislike the most and that most hurts my sore finger/hand joints. Looking forward to it now, after the second lick of wall paint. It will also be very useful for small craft jobs.

The real creative bit of the day was figuring out what I’ll do to the surface of the desk, should I make it from the free recycled desk: I will tile it! Sounds fab, doesn’t it? I found some cheapish lipstick-red small tiles in B&Q and while I haven’t bought them yet (need to build the desk first…) they look to me like a very funky desk solution.


2 thoughts on “19.04.2011 – sanding, tiles, and ideas galore

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