20.04.2011 – shiny shiny chrome

Well … what can I say? This is the third lamp I got for my living room in about 2 years. Ahem. Thing is, I saw a fabulous chrome floor lamp in B&Q, which will look great in the corner where the cheapo IKEA paper one was, and, well, I broke down. I can never ever resist anything for my home. I don’t care about gadgets, not about status symbols or luxury items, neither about expensive clothes or make-up (I am creative enough to not have to pay much money for fabulosas), and I don’t smoke nor drink, but my beloved home … I have no willpower.

So, today I put the lovely new lamp up, was very easy. I haven’t assembled the matching floor lamp yet, because it would just be in the way, but just look at how flippin’ fantabulous it is when the crazy wallpaper is mirrored in the lamp.


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