23.04.2011 – the masked avenger

Not really, but what else does one do with “mask” in the title? Huh? It was a day of putting up masking tape, ready for the primer and then the top coats of all the wooden bits & pieces.

With it being a public holiday, I had time to sand all the doors, the skirting boards and the architraves. It wasn’t as horrid as it would have been, because of the lovely new mouse sander, which made it a rather easy task. Then came the cleaning of the sanded bits with sugar soap and water. All boring and all preparation, but it has to be done. What did they say on this infernal ITV “60 minute makeover” programme? “If you fail to prepare, prepare yourself to fail.” As much as I poo-poo this programme (the way they slap on paint? Awful! and it all looks like a bogstandard DIY catalogue. Bleh. Boring) that is a very good advice to DIY by.

And then it was all ready for the glossy gloss of glossiness.


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