24.04.2011 – a prime piece of priming

I spent the whole day priming everything in sight. Which might be a slight exaggeration, but it certainly felt like it. Starting with a few bits that I primed outside, I then moved onto the real biggie: everything that needed painting in the living room. I primed a piece that goes into the sewing-light lamp which will go back over the conservatory doors, the monitor stand, and a random chest/box I’d once upon the time sprayed gold and adorned with glass stones. The monitor stand is terribly crude, The Git AKA the ex-husband AKA the B…d had slapped it together, and despite using filer and sanding it down, I couldn’t make it good enough to just paint. I’ll have to come up with a different idea. I’ll probably cover the chest/box with fabric, but more on that later when I get to it.


It stank. It stank a lot! I am using a solvent-based gloss and thus I chose a solvent-based primer, but blimey, it’s vile. Thankfully I could have all doors and windows open. I’d never do this sort of work in winter.

Many hours later I was finished and fell to bed to let it dry, ready for the gloss.



One thought on “24.04.2011 – a prime piece of priming

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