25.04.2011 – oh glossy gloss of glossiness

Despite the stink, the sore joints just about everywhere, a very sore brush-holding hand and general paint-fume ickiness, I am deliriously happy. Granted, the latter could very well have been caused by the paint fumes, but let’s take our moments of delight and success where we can, aye?

The first coat of gloss is on, and it looks marvellous already. I am using the Dulux Trade high gloss, and am very impressed with it, it’s probably the best gloss I’ve ever used. The greeny cabinet doors in the kitchen you can see in one of the pics below is painted with tailor-mixed Dulux gloss, but this white, here, is better. It says to let it dry for 16 hours before the next coat, but I know from experience that solvent based paints take longer to be truly hardened, and let’s face it, I need a whole day undisturbed to do the second coat, so the next one will happen on Friday, when we have a day off. I think it’s a public holiday in England but a movable one in Scotland, or something. Suits me well, though, because I’ll be finishing off the gloss. 🙂


Tell me, oh wise peoplez of the internetz, I left the kitchen door in the original wood, because it is always open and kind of belongs to the kitchen décor, but … I am wondering, should I paint it white as well?

P.S. Ist es nicht wunderschoen frisch und froehlich? Noch einmal weiss drauf und dann bin ich mit diesen Sachen auch endlich fertig.


2 thoughts on “25.04.2011 – oh glossy gloss of glossiness

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