26.04.2011 – the joy of … door fittings

You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to get new door handles. Oh, I hear you say, just go to a DIY shop near you and grab some. Oh no, I reply, I tried that, but what you can get in those shops is utter crap. Boring, dull, dreadful. Do I look like someone who likes boring, dull and dreadful? Nuh-huh. Didn’t think so. The local, big B&Q had an abysmal selection of “value” door handles, which are the same that are currently in my house (by the former owners, definitely not me, they are brass-look and flimsy) and all others were ridiculously expensive. Paying 40 quid for a living room door handle? Phuleeze! I also needed a pull handle for the built-in cupboard door, and the selection for those was beyond description, so poor.

What is one to do? Yes, you got it: back onto the internet. I really can’t – or don’t want to – remember what life was like before the internet. I’m old enough to have lived through those “dark times” but really, makes me shudder to think about it. Having ideas and imagining things but not being able to find the matching product or tool or parts or info or acceptable price? Urgh…

Anyway, since it’s 2011 and we do live in the brave new internetted world, I spent the evening searching for chrome door handles. They have to match the new lamps and the frame of the acrylic chairs, you see. Lo and behold I was eventually successful and I ordered the following for a very good price indeed.

They are from a company called Handle World. I haven’t received them yet but will let you know if I can recommend the company when I get the products.


One thought on “26.04.2011 – the joy of … door fittings

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