29.04.2011 – cake and snoozes

Wedding? What wedding. Being a staunch anti-Royalist I did not partake of the broadcasted out-of-date pageant that cost the taxpayer a lot of money, but I did partake in delicious cake. I mean, come on, any excuse, aye? 😉 Fresh cream raspberry roulade …. yeah, baby!

Admittedly I also spent most of the day snoozing (I do sometimes wonder how I can sleep so much. Beats insomnia anytime, though, definitely) and the rest of the day I was reading old stories that I wrote, some dating back to 1999, and I mean hundreds and hundreds of files. The pic to the left is the protagonist of one of the biggest stories, where I developed an entire world and race. hehehe.

Being the one here who makes the rules – yes yes I keep reminding you I know – I declare reading historical creative efforts by oneself as creative!


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