30.04.2011 – painting till I paint no more

That’s wishful thinking, ha! 10 hours of painting. Yup. 10 hours. But oh so worth it, even though the paint stink got so bad towards the end, that despite having as many doors and windows open as possible, my eyes stung and watered. And then … my netbook died. My beloved, trusty netbook that has been my faithful companion. I must admit I’m very upset about that. *sigh*

Och well, back to the glossy gloss of glossiness, which maketh me very happy. I decided to paint the kitchen door as well, but only the living room facing side. Almost everyone in my poll agreed that the door should be painted, and right they were. It looks much better. Here’s the priming process, before I tackled the second and last coat of gloss on all the other areas.

So, after 10 hours I have sore joints but also everything has two coats except for the back of the door to the hallway, and the kitchen door still needs the two coats. The pics still have masking tape on, under which unfortunately some of the gloss leaked, but that’s to be tackled the following day.


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