01.05.2011 – will this ever end?

I admit it, I am beginning to feel that this redecorating malarkey will never end and that I will live in chaos for all eternity. I have started to withdraw from anything else, because I just can’t cope with anything except for getting this blasted living room done. I feel quite down, to be honest, and I think that’s just exhaustion of two long DIY weekends. I frankly had enough now, but alas, I am not finished yet. Still, sometimes I have to withdraw a little from friends and activities, to focus. I’m a weirdiebeardie, I am.

Still, I got to do it, and I will. I just need to power through this and then the world will have me back and I will hopefully have the world back.

Gloss has been applied where it had to, and is finished now. Masking tape is off and I fixed any places where paint got to where it wasn’t supposed to, with a teenie weenie brush and precise dabbing.

I also assembled the painted sewing lamp. It’s a sewing lamp, because my parents brought it with them at their last visit, and it’s very bright, thus perfect for cutting out, and crafting in general, when I need a bright light in the room. My dad had stained it in dark brown to go with the previous colours, but I painted it white now.

P.S. Guck mal, die Lampe ist jetzt auch schoen weiss.


2 thoughts on “01.05.2011 – will this ever end?

  1. Looks fantastic! Hope you get your joie de vivre back and the paint smell gone soon (apologies for the horrific mangling of grammar there)

    • Thank you! I think I am getting my mojo back now, it was just all too overwhelming. I felt like Sisyphos.

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