02.05.2011 – light in the darkness

Could it really be? Am I really and truly seeing a wee bit of light at the end of the tunnel and that light isn’t actually an oncoming train? So today I put up the very bright “sewing and craft” lamp to illuminate the living room when I’m at it, so to speak. ūüėČ And then we had light in the darkness literally. I also went and added the pit of wallpaper over the door, which I initially liked the way it was (green) but strangely, after the doors were done, I didn’t like it anymore. I’m fickle, me.


P.S. Eure Lampe ist wieder¬†angebracht, schade¬†nur dass¬†das Kabel¬†schwarz ist. Und¬†ich hab’ dann¬†doch¬†noch¬†Tapete¬†ueber¬†die Tuer¬†geklebt, irgendwie¬†sah es mit dem Gruen¬†nicht mehr¬†richtig¬†aus, nachdem¬†die Tueren¬†weiss¬†waren.

And then, well then I found a way to cheer me up and pull myself out of the doom and gloom of being overwhelmed with the seemingly never ending¬†DIY and resulting chaos. All these little things that take so much time, all the new and old skills, all the bits and pieces. I came across a pic I posted in February, and which showed the state of the room after the plasterer had smoothed the artex. I then compared it to a pic I took this weekend, and when I realised what I’d done between February and April, entirely on my own and without any help at all, I suddenly beamed with pride.

I did this. Oh yes, I did all of this. I have perfectly smooth walls, and why? because I spackled¬†and sanded, cleaned and scrubbed and spackled and sanded again. I have gleaming white and bright green, and funky wallpaper, because I did it all. Every little and big thing. Bloody heck, I am ridiculously proud of myself. Oh, and don’t forget that in between I made the furniture for the sewing room, set up the sewing room, made the bat costumes for the boys, and did gardening – and a thousand other little things. I love this blog, I do, because whenever I might get down because I feel like being under a huge mountain of things yet to do, I look back over every single day of the last 4 months and I realise that flippin’ doodah, I do create something 365 days a year.

February to April (It’s not finished yet, building the desk is next, but I’m super proud)

P.S. Ich war ein bisschen niedergeschlagen, denn es fuehlte sich so an als ob ich nie fertig wuerde und das staendige Chaos get mir an die Nieren, aber dann habe ich die beiden Bilder verglichen (von Februar und jetzt) und wisst Ihr was, ich bin super Stolz. Alles ganz alleine mein Werk. Keine Hilfe, nix, alles meine eigenen Ideen und Haende. Hurra!


4 thoughts on “02.05.2011 – light in the darkness

  1. I am really glad you got away from the black dog. The place looks utterly transformed and, frankly, while you could tell me about lime green walls and make me run for my life, the room looks brilliant and in wallpapering above the door to the hall you did away with the one quibble I had before I could say so. I look forward to seeing it in RL!

    • I can’t wait to show the place off when you come to visit. And I have wireless now, so even better for everyone. Wheee!

  2. I’ll rewire that lamp in white for you, if it is still the same when I come to Scotland. Meanwhile, why not try camouflage the cable in lime green where appropriate and white where it sits on the door frame?

    • Thank you! I tried the painting thing before, but it looked awfully shoddy and so I had to scrape and scrub all the paint back off the cable. Not doing that one again ūüôā

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