05.05.2011 – hey big spender

I really really resent spending money. Well, not quite, what I mean is spending money on things that I feel are not necessary. This includes gadgets for the sake of being gadgetty; luxury items for the sake of showing off; and tools (that includes all kinds of electronics) for the sake of being new. *sigh*

So when my Acer Aspire One netbook died, I immediately ordered a new one, because this, to me, is an essential. Then, when the new one arrived today, I spent the evening setting it up the way I like it, and fiddled in the course of it with the old one and the battery and … let’s just say the old one works again. ARGH!

Anyway, I’ve already let off steam just about everywhere else, so I shan’t do it here. I love the new one, don’t get me wrong, but I would have never bought it had I not been convinced the old one was dead.

There was more “creative” spending involved today, because not only did I receive “Alex” the netbook to replace “Hooch” the netbook, but I also had to forage the DIY shop again for essentials to build the floating shelves from IKEA tables. Here’s the haul, and blimey, DIY tool and things are so terribly expensive.Worst of all, though, are light bulbs thee days. Energy-schmenergy. I can’t stand the light the energy saving bulbs give out, and the halogen ones? VILE! And the price. Excuse me? The prices are bonkers, especially if you need a dimmable one. Grrrrrr!

The oilcloth for the table top arrived, too, so now I have the foamy table protector and the oilcloth. I just have to figure out now how best to fix it permanently onto the three table leaves.

The one thing I got today that I am really happy about because I think it’s amazing value for money, is Bobo (yep, that’s what the lamp is actually called on the box). Oh yes, meet Bobo, the super cute table lamp that goes with my two new ones and cost me a grand total of 8 quid. Wheee!


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