06.05.2011 – meet Alex (and secret creative pursuits)

I don’t anthropomorphosise anything, honest. Never gave a car a name, or a computer, or anything at all. Except … well, except for my netbooks. The first time ever I gave an inanimate object a name was when I bought my first netbook with the royalties of my first book. I got a digital camo skin for it and called it “Hooch”, because it seemed fitting, this character name. Now this one I called “Alex”, another character from another book.

Forgive me for coming across as a numpty and naming inanimate objects, but this one exception … this one exception I shall keep. 🙂

As for the secret creative pursuits, I am putting together a gift for a friend, part bought bits part self made, all nicely assembled, but because she knows about this blog and might look at it, I can’t post about what I am doing till after the event. 🙂


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