24.05.2011 – taming the DVD flood

After finally finishing the floating shelves for my DVDs I realised that I still have too many. Whoops. I’d already stored the historical films in the glass cabinet in the sewing room, but now I had to find space for the TV series and other multi packs. (I still had to find even more space – in the conservatory – for the complete collections of Poirot, James Bond, Hammer films and X-files. Double whoops.)

Solution? The glass buffet in the sewing room. Thus I moved shelves in the bottom cupboard, and added an extra shelf, so that the crockery and the sewing notions fit, and moved the shelves in the top glass bit. Voilà! Basically, I really can’t possibly get any more DVDs. I have run out of acceptable space. 😀


Please ignore the complete mess, I am only storing all the stuff there until the living room storage is finished.

P.S. ich hab’ zu viele DVDs. Also hab’ ich noch schnell ein extra Regalbrett unten in den Glassschrank montiert, und hab die Bretter oben im Schrank auf anderen Hoehen angebracht. Jetzt passt alles. Und die Unordnung gilt nicht, denn das ist ja nur alles temporaer im Naehzimmer.


One thought on “24.05.2011 – taming the DVD flood

  1. I keep my ‘archive’ DVDs, ie things that I’m no longer obsessed with and hence don’t watch very often inside some padded seating cubes (sort of like ottomans, but not as classy) …. I find you can fit an awful lot in there ….

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