25.05.2011 – IKEA hack: corner desk part 1

Here we go again, the next hack is under way at last. I am going to make a custom-fitted corner desk from an IKEA desk I got from a kind soul off Freecycle, the Lack table legs that are left over from the floating shelves, a set of 10 pence bamboo worktop coasters that my local IKEA once offered, some MDF sheets from B&Q, metal brackets from Homebase, the piece of crappy wood that had once annoyed me above the conservatory doors, a big lot of glass mosaic tiles from eBay, bright spray paint from one of Aldi’s special buys, a funky rope light from Lights4Fun, and probably a leftover drawer shelf from one of the IKEA furniture pieces that I’d dissembled and put into the loft.

How does that sound for a huge creative lot of F.U.N.? 🙂

I took the desktop away and cleared the corner, then screwed two of the Lack table legs together with the double-screws that are provided, to create legs that will be long enough. Then I started priming the coasters, cut the crappy piece of wood which I hadn’t thrown away but kept outside in the rain (yes, I’ve let it dry for a couple of weeks now) and filled its nasty holes with woodfiller.



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