26.05.2011 – say Hello to Helmer

After work I went to raid Wilko’s for cheap bits and bobs that might be useable for the corner desk’s cable management (found a 1 quid wire mesh cutlery tray which I’ll chop apart) and to Matalan for a little retail therapy, where I found a gorgeous hand made softdrinks glass (I’m teetotal, so any allomahol glasses are lost on me) and a few super cheap mega reduced pieces of clothing that I’ll customise into rather nice clothes.

Thus exhausted from spending money (I still hate it 😉 ) all I did was assemble the red metal Helmer desk drawer unit I bought months and months ago from IKEA, which will go underneath the new desk. It was fun putting the metal together and bending it to my will. Hehe.


One thought on “26.05.2011 – say Hello to Helmer

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