27.05.2011 – desk components are arriving

*runs in with arms and hands flailing*

Looks like I have to catch up on posts again, aye? I’ve been creatively very busy, so I better get crackin’ on the blog.

I want my corner desk to be illuminated in cool and unusual ways (yes, yes, I am asking a lot) and was trawling the innernetz to find something interesting. I remembered a site I had ordered from before: Lights 4 Fun, and I must say, it’s like an Aladdin’s Cave for mood light fantastics like me.

I am very impressed with the price, the quality and the super fast delivery, so when it arrived I immediately uncoiled it, to straighten the rope light, and had to take a pic of the lovely glowing conservatory.

I am tempted to get another one …


One thought on “27.05.2011 – desk components are arriving

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