29.05.2011 – padded monitor stand

Do you remember the monitor stand The Git had put together so shoddily and which I had primed? I decided to go with something different to make it look funky for when the desk is built. I must say, I am absolutely delighted with the result. I had all the materials in my stash, thus it didn’t cost me a penny.

You can pad & wrap any box-like object, and I promise you it’ll look fab. You need some quilting batting, some fabric scraps, nails, scissors, hammer, glue, and embroidery floss.

Start with cutting the batting into the shape and size of the side of the object you want to cover, and glue it on with some tacky glue or similar. It only needs to stay in place. Then cut the fabric for the top and cut it a couple of inches or so bigger.

It’s pretty similar to wrapping a parcel, actually. Pin the fabric into place, by folding over at the corners, and then I nailed the back on, because the stand was open at the back. If it had been a four sided box I wouldn’t have done that but folded and pinned as well.

Stitch the fabric on at the corners. I have to warn you, you’ll really need a thimble, especially if the fabric is quite hefty like mine was (IKEA cotton fabric).

Then cut the side fabric, again with a couple of inches bigger at each side. I only cut one long piece, that means less sewing. Then nail the fabric on at the underside/inside.

Start folding again, like a parcel, and pin into place, ready for sewing.

I used matching embroidery floss to give the sewing some extra pizazz. Use small even stitches, and you’ll have a lovely and completely unique object. I can’t wait to see it in action when the desk is done.


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