30.05.2011 – funkifying a towel

A while ago I bought a lovely bath towel with primary coloured stripes, but didn’t have smaller towels to go with. Yes, yes, I am matchy-matchy, I can’t possibly have a bathtowel of X going with a hair towel of Y. No way! So, I wanted some towels that would fit the colour scheme.

I have a thing about towels being washed on 60 degrees, and thus I just don’t do dark towels. So when I saw a lime coloured beach towel in Matalan, reduced to 2 quid (!) I grabbed it for funkyfication.

I chopped it into a smaller and a bigger one, then edged both of them with bright red satin bias tape I had in my stash. They have since been washed on 60 degrees and no colour run at all. Voilà! Job’s a goodun.


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