01.06.2011 – paddig our bums

My bum and the cat’s bum that is. 🙂

I had some seat pads left over from the old Leksvik chairs that I’ve now stored in the loft, so I quickly made a colourful pad for the stool in the conservatory Mr F likes to snooze on, and one for me when I sit dents into the couch, diddling about on the netbook, watching films.

I had leftover fabric scraps from the funky conservatory curtains I’d made last year with IKEA fabric, then got sew-on velcro from eBay (I really can’t stand the stick-on one, it’s not very useable at all, trust me, and turns manky when you wash it) and a short while later I had funky looking bum pads that can be easily removed and washed, since Mr F is missing some teeth and when the old feline fella sleeps he tends to drool a little. Bless him.

I made the pad covers simply by cutting a rectangle and the faric is merely wrapped around the pad.



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