02.06.2011 – making a funky headband

Flipping doodah, will I ever catch up? I’ve been soooo busy, and it really doesn’t help being away at a conference and having to prepare for my own presentation beforehand. Anyway, here we go. I wanted a headband for when I’m out in the garden or working on mucky DIY, and didn’t want to spend money on it, because really, making one yourself is easy.

There are lots of headband patterns available for free, so I won’t link to  specific one. They are all pretty similar, just search for headband pattern.

I made a lined one which also has stiffening interfacing. Since I don’t have long hair I didn’t want the elastic in the neck to show, and so I hid it with a casing, cut to the size of the stretched elastic.

Now, don’t make the silly mistake that I did: don’t fix the elastic on both sides, or you won’t be able to add the elastic-cover. Whoops. 🙂

And voilà! You have a funky headband, and all you need are some scraps of fabric.


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