05.06.2011 – IKEA hack: corner desk part 2

I have to admit this is now less of an IKEA hack than originally planned, because I can’t use the Freecycled IKEA desk to chop and shape a corner desk out of and had to get MDF instead, but there are still a lot of IKEA components in there, especially when it comes to leftovers from other projects, such as the Lack legs from the floating shelves.

So, on Saturday the MDF was delivered in the morning, and I spent a very enjoyable Sunday starting to make my new desk take shape. The sheet was 1.20 x 1.50 and flipping heavy! I was sore at the end, believe me.

Note the pair of compasses on the table. I got them in grammar school and they have come in very handy occasionally. No way would I have been able to draft a lovely curve for the seating position without them.

It was then a matter of a steady hand, a jigsaw with a fresh blade, and a lot of patience. Go too fast and the edge might be jagged, but go steady and slowly and the curve should be smooth and lovely. The big curve is of course the one I’ll sit at, and the wee one is in the corner, so that I can feed the cables through. I have to make that one bigger, though, because I forgot to take the plugs into consideration, which are really big in the UK.

I then went to cut the leftover Lack legs to size. In my last post on the desk I explained that I simply screwed two legs together to make them longer. Of course, they are also hollow, so I had to get the solid chunks of wood out to plug the ends of it after I cut them to size (72 cm).

When that was done I could try out how the desk would look like. Of course, the table top has a perfect right angle and my walls do not! Grrrrr.

So more sawing and cutting and sanding, until it fit.

P.S. Erste Bilder vom Schreibtisch. Schoene glate Kurve, nicht wahr? Die Waende waren natuerlich nicht im rechten Winkel, haette ich mir ja denken koennen, also mehr saegen angesagt.


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