14.06.2011 – cycling is fun (and gardening less so)

Okay, I have already decreed gardening to be creative (hey, placing that plant exactly there where it looks best is definitely creative) so that was my plant planting creative deed for the day. But not before I’d put a new gel pad onto the exceedingly uncomfortable sports saddle (when you have a rounder butt, that is) and purchased a proper lock, and fixed the bike helmet my sister gave me as well (just some padding had got loose at the forehead).

And, of course, went onto my first bike ride for 20 years. I’d done a wee one with the nephews on Saturday, which was indeed the first time after 20 years I was back on a bike – 30 seconds of tiny wobble and it was all back just as it used to be – but today was the first day of a proper ride. Into town and back. Had to stop once to catch my breath (I call it a “mountain”, fitter people would call it a “hill” and my sister would call it a “negligent incline” hehehehe) but I loved it.

Now, I should make myself some fancy cycling clothing, shouldn’t I? In the steampunk direction methinks.


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