Byzantine style mosaic treasure chest

While I was “at it” (the Pacman mosaic that is) I realised that I had a lot of tiles in colours I wasn’t using, but had initially bought. What better, then, than to put a mosaic onto the treasure chest I had sanded and primed earlier but hadn’t had plans for yet. The purple tiles would go nicely with the sewing room colour and decoration scheme, and the treasure chest would be perfect for my large collection of sewing threads. Well, part of the collection anyway, the other one is in the hanging spice chest. I used purple pigment to dye the tile adhesive and grout and painted the edges gold with liquid leaf. I also used up a lot of glass stones I had left over from making my Byzantine/1001 Nights style bedroom.

Adding the mosaic was great fun.


Finished the mosaic, now it was time to add the grout.


Purple pigments in the ground to make it all look in tune.


After a lot of sanding and polishing, the chest was ready to have the edges gold painted.


This has become another piece I really enjoy every time I look at it. It’s very heavy now, no longer flimsy.


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