Pacman corner desk of joy I

I realised I never finished posting the progress and finalisation of my Pacman desk and that I left it the last post in June 05.06.2011 – IKEA hack: corner desk part 2. Ooops! So here we are now, the progress and finish of my desk. I think I’ll make an extra post for the mosaic progress.

Still building the legs from the IKEA Lack tables, and checking how the shaped desk fits into the corner.


The legs are now fixed to the desk top. The desk will be heavy because of the glass mosaic, so it needs to be on sturdy supports.


Making the “fake” back wall with its cut-out to let the backlight through. It’s made from an IKEA desk I got on Freecycle. The “windows” have plastic behind them, which are lids from IKEA storage boxes, and which I painted with glass paint. With the “walls” being made from the same honeycomb filled material, the edges of the cut-out had to be closed. I used good old cardboard and filler. They were then sanded and primed and covered with a glossy sticky-back vinyl.


More in the next part.


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