The Pacman corner desk of Joy!

I finished the desk in August 2011 and while writing this on the penultimate day of the same year – at the desk of joy of course – I can tell you that I still love the desk as much as on the day I finally finished it. It lights up in the dark if I want to, it is cheerful and sturdy, perfectly designed to fit exactly where I wanted it. It’s big and has lots of space, there’s no awful cabling visible, and it’s just simply the best piece of furniture I’ve built so far. I’ll have to make something pretty amazing to top my love for this desk in the future.

Note: floor not finished in the pics.


From old to new: this makes me happy.

A master list of all the posts that deal wit the desk can be found on the completed projects page.


One thought on “The Pacman corner desk of Joy!

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