Alice in Wonderland “Queen of Diamonds” costume

After all this DIYing and interior design it was time for some costume fun. Friends of mine held a lovely Alice in Wonderland party, and I was delighted to have another reason to make a costume. Of course, I’d never seen nor read Alice in Wonderland, so I bought the Burton DVD with Johnny depp and … hated it. Urgh! Dreadful film. That gave me the fantastic excuse to make a costume for a character that never appears, of course, and on the cheap, too.

All I bought was the cheapo plastic crown off eBay. I had everything else in my stash of fabrics, bits & bobs and previous costumes. I call my loft Aladdin’s Loft and trust me, it’s a very good name for the treasure that can be found up there. I made the staff from the staff I had made for the Alien Empress costume, for costume parties back in Kent. The sphere had broken off, so I simply added the leftover glass finial from my bedroom curtain rod, which only has one finial on, because the other side is flush against the wall. There is a very good reason why I never throw nice things like that away and put into Aladdin’s Loft instead.


The costume was made from some white cheap cotton fabric, and the red diamonds were cut from a piece of red velvety fabric I got given years ago, which had once been an “ermine” edged blanket from IKEA.


And here’s the costume put together.



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