Dining table turned cutting/crafting table

I painted my old IKEA Leksvig dining table, because it folds out into a really big one, perfect for cutting fabrics, and I wasn’t going to get a fancy table that’s useless for my creativity pursuits. I also needed to protect the paint, thus I got a table protector mat and on top of that I made a wax cloth cover that has bias binding, so it’s easy and nice to work on.

It needed a coat of paint after the priming, preferably two, but I absolutely loathed painting the table, thus it only has one priming coat and one gloss coat. I can tell you that lying on the floor and painting overhead with gloss that drips onto your face is no fun. Still, I am chuffed with the results. The table can be seen without its craft cover in the photos of the finished living room.



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