Hand-quilted Christmas decorations – silver

And here we are at last, finally in December, where I went rather creativity/productivity-made, because of all the Christmas presents I crafted. First of, the Christmas decorations I made for my parents. When they realised in October/November that they didn’t have enough decorations for the tree they’d put up for their grandkids, I knew immediately what I was going to do. The decorations had to fit in with their silver colour scheme (that has never changed in 50 years or so) and so I went to find fabric that would go with silver. You have no idea how difficult that was, because this year silver just isn’t in for Christmas. Still, I found some fabric on eBay and silver fabric for stuffed heart decorations in my local fabric shop, and I got sewing.

Blimey! This took far longer than I thought, but I kept stitching like a madwoman. First I made the stuffed hearts. They all have charms and pendants from the jewellery category on eBay.


Then I went mad on the quilted decos. I’d never quilted before, but I really enjoyed the hand stitching. Lovely, especially while watching a film.


They are all finished and quickly photographed before I sent them off. They were a great success and my parents loved them. Hooray!


Here they are on my parents’ Christmas tree.


Before I forget it, I made a cloth from the leftover silver for the stool I put my own Christmas tree on and a wee mantle to hide the stand.

I also quickly made a new Christmassy tablecloth for the table in the conservatory.


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